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Multiflora Raw Honey 340g




South African Honey Bees make the Multiflora Raw Honey. The bees pollinate multiple flowers to make this special tasting raw honey. The word Multiflora literally means multiple flowers.

The average size home will find that the Raw Honey 340g jar is the perfect size to use within reasonable time. Keeping your honey fresh. Although our Multiflora Raw Honey will last for a very long time, we want to ensure that you always get a fresh jar.

Where does the Multiflora Raw Honey come from?

We only source the best quality raw honey from South African beekeepers. This ensures that we support locally to ensure the continuity of Honey Bees in South Africa. Bees are very important for the environment.

If you would like to recycle your Multiflora Raw Honey jar, you can let us know and we will come to pick it up on our next delivery date. We take the environment seriously.

By buying this jar, you help support Anti-Human Trafficking in the World. We give 10% of the profit from this jar to help Trafficked victims get out of their situation. Some of the proceeds might also go to educating the public about human trafficking and how they can make a difference. If you would like to attend a seminar, please contact us.

The Multiflora Raw Honey product picture was taken by Marisqa.


The ingredients that we used in this 340g jar of raw honey was raw honey. We do not add or subtract anything from our raw honey. This jar of raw honey has not been heated or processes in any way. Being this careful ensures that we keep the honey raw.

Raw honey is much healthier than adulterated or heated honey.

Would you like to learn more about how raw honey can be infused with other natural and healthy products? You can read our blog about infused honey.


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