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1kg Multiflora Raw Honey


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1kg Multiflora Raw Honey is a great deal! It has better value than the 340g multiflora raw honey and a better size than the 3kg multiflora raw honey.

The 1kg Multiflora Raw Honey has been harvested from a range of flowers around Pretoria, South Africa. It is thick and creamy with a rich taste. Just like you would suspect in Raw Honey. It is packed in glass to ensure only the highest quality and freshness for longer.

Our bees are kept just outside of Pretoria to feed on flowers that bloom all year long. The bees keep the ecosystem going and is an essential part of nature in our city. We keep our bees healthy and organic as far as possible. The honey is harvested by hand by our professional beekeepers.

The 1kg Multiflora Raw Honey jar is packed right after the honey is harvested, ensuring that it remains fresh. The Raw Honey is not heated or irradiated, ensuring that it is pure.

Pure Honey is much better for your health than Irradiated Honey since all the nutrients are kept. Raw Honey has a natural antibiotic property that helps you maintain and improve your health.

If you would like to recycle your Multiflora Raw Honey jar, you can let us know and we will come to pick it up on our next delivery date. We take the environment seriously.

By buying this jar, you help support Anti-Human Trafficking in the World. We give 10% of the profit from this jar to help Trafficked victims get out of their situation. Some of the proceeds might also go to educating the public about human trafficking and how they can make a difference. If you would like to attend a seminar, please contact us.


Raw Honey. We only add raw, unadulterated pure honey into this jar, ensuring that nothing else has been added.

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