Multiflora Bulk Raw Honey 3kg


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Multiflora Bulk Raw Honey 3kg



Multiflora Bulk Raw Honey is a better choice for when you use a lot of honey. It has the same fresh and raw Multiflora Honey than all of our other products, just in a bigger bucket.

This bucket of Multiflora Raw Honey is perfect for a family of 5 or 6 that eats honey on bread or in their tea. It will last for about a month, which makes it the perfect size for families that love to use a lot of honey or use it on everything. That is why we sell honey in a Multiflora Bulk Raw Honey 3kg bucket.

These buckets can also be recycled when you return them to us. You can also get a discount on your next purchase by giving the bucket back to us. We support recycling and responsible use, therefore we will try our best to even collect the bucket or any other jar from you for recycling.

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If you would like to learn more about our honey and how it is made, check out this article.

Learn more about why we do not sell irradiated honey or what irradiation means here.


Raw Honey. The only ingredient in this product is raw honey. We try our best to keep the honey raw. Meaning unheated, unprocessed and not irradiated. This ensures that the honey can last for a very long time when it crystalises. Yes, the honey will crystalise after a while, which is proof that it is raw.

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The hidden benefits of honey

There are many hidden benefits of raw honey that you might not know about. Find out more here.

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