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Making kombucha with Rooibos can give it a different taste than making it with black and green tea. It may also have some health benefits, such as detoxification, joint and gut health. Making kombucha with rooibos tea, however, is not very different from making it with black and green tea. Let’s dive into it.

Picture of a scoby in kombucha with rooibos

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that originated in Asia and is becoming more and more popular in the western world. Learn more about the advantages of kombucha.

What are the health benefits of kombucha with rooibos?

Kombucha has many health benefits, such as being probiotic and good for your health. Rooibos also has many health benefits, such as containing many antioxidants and beign caffeine free.

Therefore, making kombucha with rooibos tea will accelerate and combine these benefits all in one drink. Additionally, kombucha made with rooibos tea will contain less caffeine compared to kombucha made with black or green tea.

How to make kombucha with rooibos


  • 200g of sugar or malt extract per 4l of tea
  • 1 black or green teabag
  • 3 rooibos teabags
  • A kombucha scoby
  • 3 litres of ice cold water (preferrably filtered)

Other equipment that you need

  • A kettle or hot water
  • Measuring cups
  • A spoon for stirring
  • A glass container to brew the kombucha in
  • A dark and warm place for the kombucha to brew
  • A passion for being healthy

The method

1. Make a few cups of tea

Boil 1 litre of water. Mix the water with the 4 teabags (1 black or green and 3 rooibos) and the 200g of sugar. Let it pull for 5 minutes and stirr until the sugar has dissolved. Add 3 litres of cold water to the tea.

2. Add a kombucha scoby to your tea mix

We are using our scoby from our store to make this kombucha. You will need 1 litre of pre-made kombucha that has been left to become sour. You can make it by following our kombucha recipe.

Insert the tea you made in step one above into your brewing jug. Add the one litre of sour kombucha and the scoby. Then place the kombucha in a warm, dark place. When it is too cold for the scoby, like in the fridge, it will grow very slow or not grow at all.

Light is also not very good for the kombucha, direct sunlight may even kill it. So be sure to brew your kombucha in a dark place such as a closet, or put a cloth over it.

Be sure not to let your kombucha become too basic on the PH scale. It should have a PH of 3.8 or more acidic. If it becomes more basic than that, you run the risk of growing dangerous bacteria in the kombucha.

It can be very dangerous if bacteria grows in your kombucha. If it has become too basic, add a table spoon of vinegar to make it more acidic again.

If the kombucha you made tastes too sour for your liking, make more of the tea mix as explained above and add it to the kombucha until it tastes just right. The great thing about making kombucha at home, is that you can make it exactly how you like it.

How to continue growing your rooibos kombucha

Once you have purchased a scoby, and you keep a bit of kombucha aside in a glass jar, you never have to purchase a scoby again.

In our house we have a 2.5l bucket that we keep our kombucha stock and scoby in. When we want to make more kombucha, we just brew tea and add some of our kombucha stock to it.

This method has enabled us to keep brewing 5l of kombucha each week and take it with when we are visiting friends.

So, make sure to keep some kombucha aside so that you can keep brewing. Remember that a kombucha scoby is a live culture that needs to be taken care of. Keep feeding it and you will never run our of kombucha again. \

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Frequently asked questions

Can I brew kombucha with rooibos tea?

Yes you can. But be sure to add at least 25% green or black tea for the caffeine that the kombucha scoby needs to grow on.

Can kombucha be made with rooibos tea?

Yes, you can make kombucha with rooibos tea. There are many health benefits of brewing kombucha with rooibos tea, such as more antioxidants. Be sure to read this article on how to make kombucha using rooibos tea.

Can you make kombucha with rooibos tea?

Yes. Infact, it is as easy as making kombucha with black or green tea. It might actually be more tasty for those of us that like rooibos tea. It also has many health benefits.