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kombucha Scoby

make your own kombucha

Make healthy kombucha

Use our Kombucha Scoby to make your own health kombucha by adding superfoods and ultra-healthy ingredients.

make tasty kombucha

Make your own tasty and sweet kombucha from our kombucha scoby by adding fruit or fruit juice and letting it carbonate.

the best kombucha scoby

We use scientific methods developed by a chemical engineering masters student to make our kombucha scoby’s. It can be used to make your own kombucha at home for your convenience. 

We ship live kombucha cultures for the best results!


We Deliver

We ship the kombucha scoby right to your door. It has not been dried out to ensure that it works in many different environments.

Eco Friendly

We use glass packaging to ensure that we preserve the ecosystems of the world. This also increases the quality of the kombucha scoby.

fast turn-around

We ship the kombucha scoby’s every Monday to ensure that it is delivered within a few days. This helps the kombucha scoby stay alive and arrive well.

make a healthier drink at your home

now you can make your own kombucha at home. This ensures that you control the quality and healthiness of the drink. 

Our kombucha scoby

Unlike other scoby’s that you find on the internet, our’s is shipped in a glass jar with 200ml of kombucha around it. This ensures that you do not have to rehydrate it when it arrives, making the process of making your own kombucha so much easier.