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How to make kombucha with Rooibos TEA

Making kombucha with Rooibos can give it a different taste than making it with black and green tea. It may also have some health benefits, such as detoxification, joint and gut health. Making kombucha with rooibos tea, however, is not very different from making it with black and green tea. Let’s dive into it.

Picture of a scoby in kombucha with rooibos

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that originated in Asia and is becoming more and more popular in the western world. Learn more about the advantages of kombucha.

What are the health benefits of kombucha with rooibos?

Kombucha has many health benefits, such as being probiotic and good for your health. Rooibos also has many health benefits, such as containing many antioxidants and beign caffeine free.

Therefore, making kombucha with rooibos tea will accelerate and combine these benefits all in one drink. Additionally, kombucha made with rooibos tea will contain less caffeine compared to kombucha made with black or green tea.

How to make kombucha with rooibos


  • 200g of sugar or malt extract per 4l of tea
  • 1 black or green teabag
  • 3 rooibos teabags
  • A kombucha scoby
  • 3 litres of ice cold water (preferrably filtered)

Other equipment that you need

  • A kettle or hot water
  • Measuring cups
  • A spoon for stirring
  • A glass container to brew the kombucha in
  • A dark and warm place for the kombucha to brew
  • A passion for being healthy

The method

1. Make a few cups of tea

Boil 1 litre of water. Mix the water with the 4 teabags (1 black or green and 3 rooibos) and the 200g of sugar. Let it pull for 5 minutes and stirr until the sugar has dissolved. Add 3 litres of cold water to the tea.

2. Add a kombucha scoby to your tea mix

We are using our scoby from our store to make this kombucha. You will need 1 litre of pre-made kombucha that has been left to become sour. You can make it by following our kombucha recipe.

Insert the tea you made in step one above into your brewing jug. Add the one litre of sour kombucha and the scoby. Then place the kombucha in a warm, dark place. When it is too cold for the scoby, like in the fridge, it will grow very slow or not grow at all.

Light is also not very good for the kombucha, direct sunlight may even kill it. So be sure to brew your kombucha in a dark place such as a closet, or put a cloth over it.

Be sure not to let your kombucha become too basic on the PH scale. It should have a PH of 3.8 or more acidic. If it becomes more basic than that, you run the risk of growing dangerous bacteria in the kombucha.

It can be very dangerous if bacteria grows in your kombucha. If it has become too basic, add a table spoon of vinegar to make it more acidic again.

If the kombucha you made tastes too sour for your liking, make more of the tea mix as explained above and add it to the kombucha until it tastes just right. The great thing about making kombucha at home, is that you can make it exactly how you like it.

How to continue growing your rooibos kombucha

Once you have purchased a scoby, and you keep a bit of kombucha aside in a glass jar, you never have to purchase a scoby again.

In our house we have a 2.5l bucket that we keep our kombucha stock and scoby in. When we want to make more kombucha, we just brew tea and add some of our kombucha stock to it.

This method has enabled us to keep brewing 5l of kombucha each week and take it with when we are visiting friends.

So, make sure to keep some kombucha aside so that you can keep brewing. Remember that a kombucha scoby is a live culture that needs to be taken care of. Keep feeding it and you will never run our of kombucha again. \

Learn more about kombucha and other healthy, natural products

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Frequently asked questions

Can I brew kombucha with rooibos tea?

Yes you can. But be sure to add at least 25% green or black tea for the caffeine that the kombucha scoby needs to grow on.

Can kombucha be made with rooibos tea?

Yes, you can make kombucha with rooibos tea. There are many health benefits of brewing kombucha with rooibos tea, such as more antioxidants. Be sure to read this article on how to make kombucha using rooibos tea.

Can you make kombucha with rooibos tea?

Yes. Infact, it is as easy as making kombucha with black or green tea. It might actually be more tasty for those of us that like rooibos tea. It also has many health benefits.

Kombucha Advantages

There are many different kombucha advantages, of which the most prominent is that it is probiotic. In this article, we will explore various advantages of kombucha.

Kombucha advantages

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is made from black or green tea, sugar and a Scoby. We wrote an article about how to make kombucha.

You can try kombucha to see if you like the taste and measure if it has an effect on your health. Every person may respond different to the potential advantages of kombucha.

Let’s look at all of the advantages of this fermented tea drink.

Kombucha advantages

1. Anti-Aging advantage

It does not really help you to not age. That would be insane. But, kombucha is good for your skin. The tea helps your skin to not wrinkle as you get older. Therefore, kombucha helps you to look younger and have a more beautiful skin.

Kombucha contains EGCG antioxidants which has this anti-aging advantage when you drink kombucha.

2. Metabolism boost

Having a better metabolism is a big part of a weight loss journey. The better your metabolism, the faster you can process food, and the faster you can lose weight.

Kombucha made with green tea contains antioxidants called EGCG, which creates a faster metabolism in your body. Green tea is only found in kombucha that has green tea as an ingredient. Therefore, only some types of kombucha have the EGCG antioxidant in.

However, since kombucha is probiotic, it builds up the good bacteria in your gut. Just like yogurt and other probiotics. Therefore, kombucha can help you process food by improving your gut health.

3. Inflammation reduction: kombucha advantages

Diabetes, heart disease, allergies, arthritis and resperatory illnesses has inflammation involved. The teas that are used to make kombucha contain polyphenols which may reduce inflammation in the body.

The scientist community believes that eating food that is healthy for your gut can help reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract. Since kombucha is good for your gut because of the probiotics, kombucha can help reduce inflammation in the human body.

4. Reduces the risk of chronic disease

Kombucha contains powerful antioxidants called EGCGs and theaflavin. These help with the fight against free radicals taking place within our bodies. These free radicals have been linked to chronic diseases, including cancer, which causes a large portion of total deaths today. Therefore, kombucha reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Kombucha that is brewed with black tea may have some other advantages. People who drink a lot of black tea have a lower risk of stroke than those people who don’t. Therefore, drinking kombucha can reduce the risk of strokes.

5. A better immunity

Kombucha contains much more vitamin C than oranges. It was found that kombucha has 3 times more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C helps to boost our immunity. Therefore, kombucha can boost our immunity.

Kombucha also contains a bunch of other vitamins and minerals which can make the body more healthy. You can read more about it in this article.

6. Can reduce depression symptoms

Kombucha increases the presense of some feel-good hormones. This includes serotonin. Therefore, you can drink kombucha to feel better and fight off depression.

Some studies have directly linked depression and kombucha. There are studies that show increased probiotics in the body relieves some depression symptoms and anxiety. Therefore, drinking kombucha can make you feel better.

7. Reduces blood sugar

Kombucha may have advantages for people who were diagnosed with diabetes and insulin resistance. A study shows that kombucha inhibits a pancreas protein which is responsible for reducing glucose levels after meals. Therefore, kombucha may reduce blood sugar levels after consuming food.

8. Improved skin, hair and nails

Vitamin B is needed to maintain and produce healthy new cells. This can help your body to grow more beautiful skin, hair and nails. Kombucha contains a bunch of vitamin Bs, including B1, B2, B6, B12. Therefore, drinking more kombucha can help your body to produce prettier skin, hari and nails.

9. Possible weight loss

Weight gain happens often because of too much sugar. Kombucha contains much less sugar than alternative drinks and even alcoholic drinks. There is only 50g of sugar per litre of kombucha as per this recipe. Therefore, drinking kombucha instead of other drinks, can help you to reduce your sugar intake.

Kombucha also has many other benefits found in alternative energy and sugary drinks. Therefore, kombucha is much healthier than alternative. Furthermore, kombucha is tasty according to many people.

10. A better memory: kombucha advantages

As discussed earlier, kombucha contains vitamin B9. Vitamin B9 is known to help with better memory and helps our body to fight nearodegenerative diseases in the brain such as alzheimer’s disease. It can also help fight epileptic seizures and strokes. Therefore kombucha can help us to better remember things.

In this article, we have looked at the various kombucha advantages and benefits. If you would like to learn more about kombucha, please follow us on facebook and instagram.

Kombucha Benefits

Kombucha benefits, is it really as good for you as everyone says. Does it really deserve its popularity? In this article, we will explain the various benefits of kombucha, but we will also look at possible dangers.

Kombucha has existed for hundreds of years, especially in Asia. It is thought that kombucha has originated in China.

Kombucha tea is a fermented food, very much like yoghurt, cheese, kimchi, kefir and sauerkraut. Good quality kombucha is usually naturally carbonated and is made from black or green tea, sugar, and a kombucha SCOBY (or starter). Most of the kombucha benefits come from its probiotic nature.

Kombucha Benefits

A source of probiotics

Kombucha is a drink that is ‘alive’ because of the bacteria growing inside it. Kombucha contains certain strains of yeast and bacteria which allow it to ferment until it is ready to drink.

The process of fermentation makes acetic acid (almost like vinegar), gases and a tiny bit of alcohol. All of this causes the kombucha to carbonate, giving it a fizzy taste.

A large amount of bacteria grows in the kombucha fermentation process. There is currently no evidence that kombucha is directly probiotic, but it does contain several lactic-acid bacteria species, which are probiotic.

Probiotics put good bacteria in your gut. This can have many health benefits, such as weight loss, inflammation and digestive improvements. If the probiotic qualities of kombucha improve your gut health, it may also strengthen the human immune system.

It may reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the globe’s leading causes of death. Cancer means the mutation of cells and uncontrolled growth of cells.

There seems to be an increase in the research that suggests drinking kombucha may reduce the risk of cancer.

A study in 2008 showed that kombucha helped prevent the growth of cancer cells. This is because kombucha has a high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants.

A further study a few years later showed that kombucha decreased the survival of cancer cells. Both of these studies show that kombucha can play a key role in the prevention or treating of cancer.

It is important to note that these studies did some test in a lab. It is yet to be proven that kombucha reduces the risk of cancer in the human body. But, there is reliable evidence that drinking kombucha reduces the risk of cancer.

Kombucha tea is high in antioxidants

Antioxidants are things that protect the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the body. Free radicals are a normal by-product of processes in the body. The important thing is to lower their impact by eating a lot of antioxidants.

Many teas are rich in antioxidants, and tea is used in making kombucha. This means that kombucha has antioxidants in. Therefore kombucha is healthy for you.

It is possible that the fermentation process of kombucha tea increases the effect of antioxidants in the human body. But there is little evidence of this.

Helps to manage type 2 diabetes (one of the kombucha benefits)

Kombucha may help in managing type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes affects more than 300 million people over the world. Its characteristics are high blood sugar and insulin resistance.

A 2012 study by the University of Sfax in Tunisia found that kombucha tea helped rats with diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. The finding of this study suggests it may be helpful for people with type 2 diabetes in managing their blood sugar levels. The kombucha also improved kidney and liver function.

You can purchase a 100% guaranteed kombucha Scoby here to be able to make your own kombucha at home.

Green tea leaves have shown that it decreases blood sugar levels. This also means that green tea kombucha is very likely to be more beneficial for diabetes patients than black tea kombucha.

A source of minerals and vitamins

Kombucha contains minerals and vitamins that are produced when the yeast and fermentation break down the sugars and caffeine. It contains B vitamins B1, B6 and B12, and vitamin C.

Minerals and vitamins are necessary inputs into our bodies to keep us healthy. This point, therefore, suggests that kombucha is healthy for humans to drink.

May reduce heart disease risk

Heart disease is the globe’s leading cause of death.

Studies have been done on rats to see if it reduces bad LDL and good HDL cholesterol. These studies have found that kombucha does reduce these 2 markers of heart disease within the first 30 days of starting to drink kombucha.

It is widely believed that green tea protects LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation, which many professionals believe contribute to heart disease.

One study shows that drinkers of green tea are 31% less likely of developing heart disease. This may also be a kombucha benefit, especially if the kombucha is made from green tea.

Kombucha is good for you when made well

If you would like to learn how to make kombucha with a proven recipe, you can learn to do so here.

Kombucha is probiotic and potentially has many health benefits. Kombucha can be made at home or purchased in an ever-increasing range of shops. You can even purchase kombucha online. Therefore, you have no excuse for not drinking kombucha.

One of the kombucha benefits is possibly better liver health

Kombucha tea is very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight molecules in the body (which can damage cells).

Some studies have been done research into the benefits of kombucha on the liver. Furthermore, they have found that kombucha drinking helps reduce toxins in the liver.

That means that these studies essentially means kombucha can play an important role in improving liver health and reduce liver inflammation.

But, these studies focus on rats. Therefore, more studies are needed to see if kombucha can improve human liver health.

Drinking kombucha can improve your mental health

Links exist between depression and inflammation, so anti-inflammatory kombucha can help reduce some of the effects of depression.

There are quite a number of studies that suggest that the probiotic element of kombucha can help to treat depression. These studies have been reviewed.

There may also be a link between depression and probiotics, which suggests that to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression, people can drink kombucha.

Possible dangers of kombucha

Some brands may contain a lot of sugar

It is widely accepted that eating or drinking sugar is bad for your health. Some of the brands of kombucha contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, drinking too much kombucha or kombucha that contains a lot of sugar can be negative for your health.

Making kombucha can be dangerous

Kombucha is a live fermented culture. This means that kombucha is alive. Potentially dangerous bacteria can grow in the kombucha if the PH of the mixture is not kept low enough. Therefore, it is better to use a proven recipe to make your own kombucha at home. Keep the PH of the mixture below 3.8 to ensure that no funny bacteria grows in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kombucha healthy?

Kombucha is really healthy for you. However, do not overindulge. Too much of a good thing is also bad for you.

Why kombucha good for you?

Kombucha is good for you because it contains various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is much healthier than alternative sugary drinks since it contains much less sugar.

What kombucha benefits?

Kombucha has many benefits which include being healthy, containing little sugar, and improving your gut health. You can read more about the various kombucha benefits in the above article.

What are kombucha health benefits?

Kombucha is a frizzy pro-biotic health drink that has many possible health benefits. However, kombucha can also be dangerous for you. Be careful and do your research before you buy kombucha from someone.

Kombucha benefits and risks?

Drinking kombucha has many benefits for your health. However, you should be careful about drinking any kombucha. It can be risky.

Kombucha benefits skin?

Kombucha may have some benefits for your skin. It does improve your gut health and contains microbes, which may be beneficial for your skin. But there is no research to prove this.

Kombucha benefits list?

We have a list of possible benefits for kombucha in this article.

Kombucha benefits weight loss?

Kombucha may be beneficial for weight loss, especially if you replace other fizzy drinks with kombucha.

Kombucha Recipe

Have you ever wondered how to make kombucha at home? If you have, then this kombucha recipe is for you. We have been making kombucha for quite some time now, and we have perfected the recipe for you, our readers.

Kombucha recipe ingredients

Things that you will need

  • Kettle
  • Measuring cups
  • A teaspoon to stir with
  • A big container to make your kombucha in
  • A warm place to place your kombucha to grow
  • A passion for kombucha

First, make a cup of tea

Kombucha needs caffeine and sugar to grow on. In order to do this, place a black tea bag into a cup. Measure 50g of sugar into the cup and pour hot water over into the cup. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave for 5 minutes so that the tea can pull well. When the 5 minutes have passed, take the teabag out and pour the tea into the container.

Thin the tea out

The kombucha SCOBY will die if you put it into the hot tea, so we will add water to cool it off and thin out the tea so that it is just right for the kombucha plant (SCOBY). Add cold water (preferably from the fridge) to the tea until the total amount is 1 litre. The thinned-out tea should now be cold enough to stick your finger in and hold it there forever. This means that the tea is cool and thin enough to add the SCOBY.

Add the kombucha SCOBY to the tea and water mix

In this Kombucha recipe, we use a kombucha SCOBY from the Melnovus store to make the kombucha. You can visit their Facebook page here.

Now it is time to add the Kombucha SCOBY to the tea mix. Add the kombucha SCOBY to the tea mix. If you use the kombucha starter that is recommended in this article, you will be able to drink the kombucha immediately. If you have used a dried out SCOBY, good luck since these rarely work. However, you will have to wait for it to grow a bit before you drink it.

The kombucha is really tasty when it has reached a PH of 3.7, make sure that your kombucha stays under PH 3.8, otherwise, there may grow some other things in it that you do not want. If it is too sour for your liking, add more of the thinned out sugar tea until it is just right for you. Since you are making it at home, you can make it according to your taste.

How to continue growing your kombucha

If you would like to continue making kombucha forever, you need to keep some aside to start the next batch with. The oldest kombucha SCOBY in the world is over 60 years old, so it really can go on forever.

Throw a little bit of kombucha into a glass jar and put a covering on top. Make sure that the PH is below 3.8, otherwise, it may go bad. Let it grow until it is sour enough to add more tea to it and make even more kombucha.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What’s kombucha made out of?

Kombucha is made out of only 3 ingredients namely, sugar, tea and a SCOBY, which is oftentimes also called a Kombucha Starter or kombucha mother.

Who made kombucha popular?

Kombucha existed in China long before it came to the west. Many sources believe that it started around 220 B.C. in China and became most famous for its healing properties. This is not surprising, as many Chinese foods have healing properties.

Can making kombucha be dangerous?

Yes, if you do not watch your kombucha closely, it can be very dangerous. Be sure to keep the PH below 3.8 to ensure nothing dangerous grows with it. If your DIY kombucha has a funny taste, it is better to throw it away.

When making kombucha, should the SCOBY float?

Yes, mostly the SCOBY floats or forms on top of the kombucha. It needs oxygen to be able to grow and ferment optimally.

When making kombucha?

When making kombucha, it is essential to have a great recipe that works well as explained above. It is also very important to have a good SCOBY that is probiotic and not dehydrated for the best results.

What’s kombucha made of?

Kombucha is made out of a live culture that is used to ferment black or green tea. It is much like ice tea but has many healing benefits.

Who made kombucha?

Kombucha is becoming more and more popular in the western world. Many businesses are making kombucha to sell and many people are making kombucha in their homes to drink and hand out to their friends.

How made kombucha tea?

Kombucha tea is very simple to make. Most people can make it in their homes. The recipe in this article gives a really simple way to make kombucha that anyone should be able to follow.

How kombucha made?

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea with a kombucha SCOBY. It only requires 3 ingredients in this easy-to-follow recipe that is explained in detail in this article.