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About Melnovus

Bringing you Luxury…

Our Passion for Raw Honey, Sustainablity, and luxury…

Our passion for raw honey, sustainability, and luxury was started by Marko van der Merwe and Jeandre Sylvester. They we realized that raw, unadulterated honey is hard to get by. We did some research and realized we can give people the quality they desire. We got together investors who are passionate about raw honey. Those who want to get this healthy treat to the right people. Melnovus (previously The Raw Honey Company) was born. We continue to supply only the best quality honey to South Africans at affordable prices.
During this time, we quickly realized another niche market – Kombucha! Kombucha is a fermented drink with lots of health benefits, and so we developed a delicious recipe and now supply fresh, tasty (and healthy) kombucha to South Africans at reasonable prices! And this is where sustainability comes in – for the sake of the environment we now have a recycling system, one that benefits the supplier (us), the consumer (you), and the world!
Melnovus is a Proudly South African distributor of quality raw honey. We source the best local honey, in a variety of interesting and unique flavours. We also produce various delicious home made jams, and a tasty Kombucha, all available on our online store for order!


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Your health first

Your health is our top priority. Please let us know if there are any other products you need.

Trusted by top Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and individuals alike trust us to provide them with only the top quality honey and kombucha.

Treat Yourself.

Treat yourself to some proudly South African honey from our online shop!

Our Specialty Honey

We strive to be providers of excellent, delicious and unique honey!

Multiflora Honey

Simple, natural, full bodied flavours

Carrot Honey

Interesting, and light flavour

Sunflower Honey

Light, smooth and flavourful

Bluegum Honey

Rich, woody scent and taste.

Litchi Honey

Playful, deep and aromatic flavours

Fynbos Honey

Proudly South African flavours

Cosmos Honey

Unique and exciting taste of the wilderness

Macadamia Honey

Delicious, nutty flavour

Orange Blossom Honey

Sweet and tangy flavour

Garlic infused Honey

Honey infused with immune booster – garlic.

Ginger infused Honey

Honey infused with a natural anti-inflammatory – ginger.

Rosemary infused Honey

Honey infused with vitamin B booster – rosemary.

Why Choose Melnovus

We strive for quality, excellence and luxury, because we recognize that high quality, raw, unadulterated honey is difficult to come by, especially in the mass market.

It is also because we want to provide healthy alternatives to the high sugar lifestyle that so many South Africans have. Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar, and even syrup in some instances!

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Local is lekker

Melnovus sources only the best quality South African honey – helping not only South African beekeepers, but also the local economy!


At Melnovus – we do our bit for the environment. This is why we offer recycling options for all clients!

Social Justice Issues

Along for caring for the environment, we care about people. This is why 10% of our profits goes towards funding and supporting Anti-Human Trafficking.

Our Team

Marko is one of the founders of the business and is passionate about Health and Raw Honey

Marko van der Merwe

Business Developer

Nicole loves to talk to and connect with our customers. She is also passionate about making our products look good.

Nicole Griffiths

Social Media Specialist

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