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Melnovus Raw Honey and Kombucha

Bringing luxury to you…

only organic honey

Only Organic

The only ingredient in our honey is honey, and to sweeten the deal, it is completely raw, meaning it has not been heated, and still contains all the deliciousness you associate with this treat; as well as all the goodness!

Superfast Product Delivery System

Having the products in stock enables us to deliver within only a few days. This delivery is also right to your door. 

Our Products

We sell a wide range of  luxury, unique products, such as our vast range of speciality honey, kombucha – which is a fermented tea that is really good for your gut, and the tastiest homemade jams and preserves.

Our Specialty Honey

We strive to be providers of excellent, delicious and unique honey!

Multiflora Honey

Simple, natural, full bodied flavours

Carrot Honey

Interesting, and light flavour

Sunflower Honey

Light, smooth and flavourful

Bluegum Honey

Rich, woody scent and taste.

Litchi Honey

Playful, deep and aromatic flavours

Fynbos Honey

Proudly South African flavours

Cosmos Honey

Unique and exciting taste of the wilderness

Macadamia Honey

Delicious, nutty flavour

Orange Blossom Honey

Sweet and tangy flavour

Garlic infused Honey

Honey infused with immune booster – garlic.

Ginger infused Honey

Honey infused with a natural anti-inflammatory – ginger.

Rosemary infused Honey

Honey infused with vitamin B booster – rosemary.

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